Limited art editions by Russian
contemporary urban artists
Since 2014 together with graffiti artists we explore hand printing methods and publish limited art editions of gallery/museum quality, signed and numbered by authors
Dmitri Gred, outdoor piece & hand-pulled silkscreen limited edition of 10
Alexey Luka, hand-pulled silkscreen limited edition of 20 & mural
Our close friends and partners - moscow-based Print Mafia studio, equipped with all necessary stuff to produce high-quality silkscreen prints - always provide effective cooperation between the artists and skillful printing specialist during the exciting process of silkscreen art printing

We use premium Italian, French & British 100% cotton paper and best-in-class italian ink for graphic printing

All editions are highly limited, each print is stamped by the gallery, signed and numbered by the artist

Each print from the edition is a unique piece of art. One print from the edition can bring harmony and enlightenment to your wall, while the other can be a part of private collection on some gallery's exposition
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