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Format One - online gallery and a publishing house for limited art editions by Russian contemporary urban artists. Since 2014, the gallery, together with artists, has been practicing modern and traditional methods of art printing on paper, publishes limited art editions and produces cultural and educational initiatives related to contemporary urban culture and art printing.
Dmitri Gred, outdoor piece & hand-pulled silkscreen limited edition of 10
Alexey Luka, hand-pulled silkscreen limited edition of 20 & mural
Our close friends and partners - moscow-based Print Mafia studio, equipped with all necessary stuff to produce high-quality silkscreen prints - always provide effective cooperation between the artists and skillful printing specialist during the exciting process of silkscreen art printing

We use premium Italian, French & British 100% cotton paper and best-in-class italian ink for graphic printing

All editions are highly limited, each print is stamped by the gallery, signed and numbered by the artist

Questions? Suggestions? Just contact us