Wind, Waves and a Touch of Style
100 €
632 pages
1000 copies

SAILFIE - Wind, Waves and the Sense of Style is a photoalbum that reflects Stanislav Azarov's views on this worls and gives an opportunity to look into his life to see the world through the prism of his perception. The word SAILFIE itself is a blend of the words SAIL and SELFIE, and it is thus synonymous with a kind of self-portrait on a yacht.

In this book, Stasnislav focuses on learning and understanding yachting and seamanship. The book contains many pictures of sailboats, life in the sea and coastal landscapes. Each page is imbued with romanticism; this book thus praises the beauty of this world and its nature as well as sailing yachts and natural female beauty. For 8 years, the author has visited many continents and countries, but hundrends more remain to be explored. The photographs are accompanied by author's comments and other citations. The book is intended for a wide range of readers interested in sailing, traveling and those who just love life.
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